Polymorphic antlerfabulous webdev ✨🦌

Hey there, i'm Nam Lemonade. I'm just a little deer that codes and lives inside your computer. I draw things sometimes, but you'll mostly see me just posting a lot lol. This website will mostly host informations about me, some of my art perhaps, and information I wanna host in here for other projects and stuff. :)

⚠️🦌This website is still under construction. The links in the navbar do not exist quite yet! Thank you for your patience!🦌⚠️

Miss the old versions of the site? Stay patient! I'll bring them back! I just need to move around so much stuff, it's a bit annoying. Just bear with me please!

A drawing of a yellow deer as a cousin from the game Katamari Damacy holding a Katamari.

🦌Nam Lemonade


📍Québec, Canada

🇨🇦French / English

🖥️Junior fullstack webdev

🖍️Furry artist sometimes


So like, who's this deer?

I’m just your average online deer. I'm a junior full-stack web developper working full time. I do HTML, CSS (SCSS), Javascript (VueJS, JQuery) and PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel). Things I Guess! I coded this entire website in HTML, SCSS and JQuery. I also draw in my free time.

French is my first language, english is not my native language. So expect some frenchposting sometimes. My english is great actually No I Will Not Put A Disclaimer Saying Im Sorry If My English Is Bad Because Its Perfect :)

I often post about my general train of thought on my pages. It's what I do ey.

I'm known online as, "that guy that draws", "that guy that's on VRChat", "That guy that speedruns Nintendogs + Cats" and "That guy that plays Taiko no Tatsujin on Youtube". So you may know me as one of those guys.

Besides that, i’m a genderfluid nonbinary person. I use they/it pronouns so don’t try anything else on me unless I have given you permission. I’m autistic and adhd so i just live my life the way I want to.

I may have difficulty maintaining conversations, so i'm sorry if i sometimes struggle to answer.

Nice to meet ya!

A drawing of a yellow deer hugging the Pokémon Primarina
A drawing of a yellow deer with a striped shirt carrying a fishing rope in the style of Animal Crossing


I got multiple socials. I like being at many places, but I also like separating my stuff. So yeah! Follow the ones you'd like.