NAMCOnade's place!

Art by Placed12th

I'm Nam Lemonade! I'm a furry and taiko no tatsujin player. I've been a furry for about my entire life and a taiko player since Christmas 2018. I'm also an artist hobbyist, and draw commissions sometimes, but not as my only source of income.
As of writing this, I study in college in web creation and surrounding medias. As mentioned on the site's homepage, this was a site made at first to practice basic HTML i had learnt before taking the classes. Needless to say, the code was a bit jackass haha! Not that good.

Outside of that, i'm a queer leftist who spends time taking care of their animals, and playing video games. My interests shifts around, but my main ones are Taiko no Tatsujin, Pokemon, Sonic and Ace Attorney. As of writing this, I also really like The Animaniacs :)

You can find me on the following accounts online:

Main twitter (NAMCOnade): My general, main twitter where I post general art and discussions.
Secondary twitter (Wakkology): My interests-focused twitter account. Where I ramble and write Garbo on the timeline.
Twitch: I occasionally stream there! Mostly Taiko sessions, but also other games if I feel like it.
Youtube: I upload my Taiko gameplay there! Give it a watch!